Debut on pubmed..

The 20th of november 2018, 11:28pm at night.. my phone rang and i heard that the paper got accepted!!!!! These were the words from my most beloved senior cum colleague from my lab based in pune, India. This manuscript made her phd complete and entered my name into the scientific world.

One and a half year ago, an year old phd student got an opportunity to work hard and stay calm to achieve the most challenging goal as per her past experiences. And this was the day, perhaps bigger than the main author of the manuscript, when her work was documented as a valuable contribution.

People around the world, just be hopeful and try to be optimistic. Surround yourself with positivity and beautiful people and talk your problems out!


Usual night before a Monday morning..

Planning to wakeup on time with a smile on my face. Walking for the day and doing experiments in a structural biology lab requires a lot of positive energy.

My idea of maintaining positive vibes is to meditate, bring all the dreams in mind and go for a good night’s sleep. A very beautiful and productive week is waiting for me.

To all the doctoral students here, you all are doing so well. Your experiments are going in the direction the way it is supposed to. You all are confident and contributing directly to the mankind.

kudos to a peaceful and productive phd

And cheers to love and life we have!